How to Photograph your Brand Products

An Indispensable Guide to Taking Product Photos for Online Store

If there's one thing we can't ignore when it comes to e-commerce, it's that your products and the reliability of your business are often judged by the quality of the images your brand advertises. A big differentiate for having an attractive website means having a high quality photograph

But, how to take pictures of products for online store, this is what we will show in this article

First of all, it's not just aesthetics we're talking about. Presenting your products with images that reflect good looks can mean (a lot) the conversion of the viewer. This is very significant if you are also advertising your products on marketplaces, where your brand is displayed alongside your competitors, or even on visual platforms like Pinterest.

That is, to turn browsers into buyers, you need to show them your products in the best way possible. But before you just pick up your phone and start taking product photos for your online store, be aware that 67% of consumers consider image quality “very important” when deciding to shop online.


Get Started:

Taking product store photos: What it takes to get started!

There is no need to spend a large portion of your budget on high-tech equipment if you use creativity and know how to replace expensive tools with simple items that have the same effects when taking pictures of e-commerce products. So let's start:

1- Camera:

You may be thinking that it is obvious that the first thing you will need is a camera, but it is not one that will give you the results you expect when learning how to take photos for your online store.

In this case, it is recommended to use a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera, they are not the cheapest, but they are getting more affordable every year, so if you are thinking of taking many product photos, invest in A good digital camera is worth it.

2- Lighting:

Natural light works great for any type of photo, and we recommend using it whenever possible. Shooting in the early afternoon can ensure better results. But be aware, what matters is not just the amount of light, but the correct distribution of it.

Place the table as close to the window as possible without crossing the shadow of the window pectoral. You will want to start with the 90 degree window to the right or left of your mini studio. The closer you are and the bigger the window, the softer the light will be.

3- Light control and neutral background:

In order to achieve flawless images of neutral background products (white, gray, among other shades), professionals use the “diffuser tent”.

The term “diffuser” is because the sides and top are translucent, causing incoming light (natural or artificial) to be softened, illuminating the object more evenly and controlling shadows.

Remember to position the neutral background (paper, fabric or the like) continuously to avoid visible folds. The idea is to give depth effect to photography. It is a professional and simple factor to apply, widely used by the online market.

4- Learning how to take photos for your online store:

Many site images display a single item and then describe information about it, such as: "it is also available in red and blue colors." Choose to offer a specific item with color images already, not only to inform customers about it, but to make it people see for themselves. A set of photos showing the variety of colors will make the product look richer, more attractive and, more importantly, will increase your chances of selling.

It is important to get multiple angles of each product by showing your customers the details. A variety of points of view is the best way to do this.


More Tips on How to Photograph E-commerce Products:

This article will teach you tips on how to photograph your products and increase the chances of your online store selling much more.

We are multi-sensed. One of the major difficulties in selling any product in online stores is the limitation of direct contact with the product, we do not have the touch, smell and constant interactivity as in physical stores, but we can soften it with good images and videos of products.

1- Turn off the flash

Camera flash light is a direct, harsh light that can create reflections and make the image look amateurish. Prefer to shoot in daylight with daylight, in bright places, near windows or light entrances.

2- White background is the best option:

Using white background is much more effective because it creates a focus on the product itself without having any distractions for other elements of the photo. Plus, they make it easier to crop products if you post-produce.

To create an infinite background, place a piece of white or tissue paper and fold it to create a curve, removing the corners from the background.

3- Show the product:

Editorials for fashion-related products can and should be done to show customers how their pieces can be used “in real life”. For example, if you need to take a picture of a watch, show it on someone's wrist. If you are selling home decor items, show it in a home setting by playing your party.

4- Use a tripod and the timer:

When taking a picture, sometimes the movement of your hands may make it blurred. To prevent this from happening use the tripod and set the timer so that there will be no vibration caused by clicking on the photo button

5- Create your own mini studio:

To make the perfect photos you can set up your own mini studio at home. It's very easy to do. You'll need fluorescent lamps, a cardboard box, 2 meters of white TNT, two EVA sheets for infinite background, and a small bottle of plain white glue.